The Accountability Partnership Program will enable you to partner with a like-minded Coach to move forward on your goals and dreams, building confidence with action and accountability. Through weekly interactive calls you will become aware of your fears and overcome them with courage.

1. Struggling with achieving your goals?

2. Have a lack of focus?

3. Need help staying on track?

4. Can't seem to get your business plan done?


6 weeks - Only $499 (You will receive (6) one hour coaching sessions)

This program is all inclusive. In this program you are booked for (6) one hour sessions for $499, billed at once. In addition, we will have (1) one 45-minute goals review call. 

Next Steps: 

1. Select the dates and times for your calls (7 in total - one goals review call & six coaching calls). *** (Discuss with Dr. Sharon to confirm) 

2. Follow prompts to pay. 

After your payment receipt you will access to a GOALS DOC to download and complete and email BEFORE your first call. 

Booking Instructions

You are booking 7 sessions. Each session is for 1 hour . You can schedule as many or as few of your sessions at the time of booking. Any remaining unscheduled sessions can be scheduled in the future.

  • Discover how you are wired, your strengths, talents and your true potential
  • Identify the type of activities that truly provide you with a deep level of satisfaction and motivation
  • Find your sweet spot where you are truly operating at your highest potential, leading yourself and others
  • Identify businesses and personal drivers that best suit you
  • Create an executable Action Plan to move forward
  • Learn how to LEAD with your Passion

Other important qualities in an accountability partner are that they are trustworthy (79.6%), give positive reinforcement (77.8%), and are nonjudgmental (66.5%). Giving of good advice (64.2%) and being dependable (48.9%) were also considered key partner traits among the people we asked.

Why do you need an accountability partner? Having a good accountability partner can help you make serious progress toward any of your goals. You should always accept personal responsibility for every result, but it's often easier to blame other people (or events) in your life.

Accountability is the state of being held responsible for your actions, as well as your thoughts and emotions relating to those actions. There is a key difference between internal and external accountability. Knowing the difference between the two is the first step to unlocking the potential of accountability as a breakthrough tool to increase your productivity.

See you soon!

Dr. J

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Having a good accountability partner can help you make serious progress toward any of your goals.